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kurukshetra movie review
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It cannot get any bigger as India's first-ever mythological epic in 3D marks the 50th film of Challenging Star Darshan. He simply roars with his career best, portraying 'Dhuryodhana' in producer Munirathna's version of Kurukshetra.

The magnum opus has managed to turn one of the most talked-about mythological tale into a spectacular experience with some of the best actors and technicians at work.

Presenting the epic drama in digital avatar is the biggest take away for the entire team of Kurukshetra right from the producer Munirathna who realised his 'dream into a reality' and then followed by a bunch of extremely talented cast and crew.

While the movie depicts the most important phase of Mahabharata from the point of view of Dhuryodhana, the rest of the crucial roles is also dealt carefully without doing injustice to them. 

The crux of it being the battle of ideologies of justice versus injustice, is showcased in a well balanced act by the director Naganna.

Insofar as the multi-star cast, it is undoubtedly Darshan who leads the show with a majestic performance which will be remembered for a longtime as a personal milestone in his career. After Darshan, the list gets bigger with everyone chipping in with their career best, be it crazy star as Lord Krishna or Arjun Sarja as Karna and most of all the rebel star Ambareesh as Bheeshma Pitamaha. And, not to forget, Ravishankar as the cunningly intelligent Shakuni  The youngest of them all, Nikhil Kumaraswamy as Abhimanyu is impressive with a fair amount of screen presence in the second half. It's a fully loaded epic battle which emerges victorious in terms of expectations it carried ever since it was launched on a big scale.

Whereas the technical aspects are concerned, the digital output of it are satisfactory which in fact elevates the 3D experience for the audience. The script churned out of Gadha Yuddha from the epic writer Ranna is supported with apt dialogues while keeping in mind the understanding of the present generation audience along with the couple of 'beautifully' songs making it look grandeur before the war of war starts rolling. Both Meghana Raj and Hariprriya shine bright dancing to the classical tunes along with Darshan in between.

It's an epic treat for the fans of mythology packed with several surprises. Dhuryodhana might lose the war but goes on to win the hearts of many. Kudos to Munirathna and his entire team for turning an epic dream into reality and more importantly, presenting it in digital 3D avatar. Do not miss the epic action in full force at a theatre near you, be it 3D or 2D, it will definitely leave you amazed in the end serving justice to all the expectations.