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After an impressive performance in Amma I Love You, Chiranjeevi Sarja is back with a perfect entertainer, which meets the expectations of mass and as well as family audience.

Director Vijay Kiran has turned a simple story into an elegant output with brilliant making, which reflects on the screen with hardly anything to complain for two plus hours of pure feel good cinematic experience.

While the makers including the producer Uday K Mehta have done justice to what 'Sinnga' required behind the camera, but in front, it is a bunch of talented actors led by Chiranjeevi Sarja, Aditi Prabhudeva, Tara and Ravishankar who stand out with yet another stellar performance. Tara as innocent mother gives an emotional spin to Sinnga, and Chiranjeevi Sarja returns to play an action figure with punching mass dialogues.

As Sinnga, the protagonist portrayed by Chiranjeevi, is personally against the idea of marriage for the simple reason that his rebellious character does not allow to fit in to a family man. However, his mother is hell bent upon getting him married, and this is when Geetha played by Aditi Prabhudeva comes into play. Love blossoms and when everything seems to be going pretty well, the villain makes an entry and lead the action right till the climax.

Sinnga delivers on all accounts right from romance, mother son sentiment, action, humour and a couple of peppy numbers including Shane Top Agi Avale and another one scored by Dharma Vish. A highly recommended one for a perfect weekend getaway to those who seek two hours of pakka paisa vasool entertainment.