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Renowned stunt choreographer Dr. Ravi Verma who has turned director with Rustum, delivers one of the finest action packed entertainers in recent times which comes along with his trademark punches. What makes it even more special is that it comes straight from none other than Karunada Chakravarthy Dr. Shivarajakumar.

With a perfect tale which fits the commercial potboiler, the director has blended the right kinds of emotions in a well-balanced manner without any dull moment in the two plus hours of its duration.

Returning in the avatar as the honest cop, who believes in encountering anti-social elements than allowing them to be reformed, Shivanna is undoubtedly in his prime phase who simply keep raising the bar of excellence in his every attempt to give his best to the audience. His fans would simply love him in this one.

On the outset, it is about dealing with the evils with an iron hand and the rest of it is pure action drama. Drawing his expertise for having worked as a stunt choreographer for several years, Ravi Verma has worked hard on every element to keep the audience engaged right till the end. 

The making meets the standards along with perfectly placed numbers by composer Anoop Seelin. The baby song is the highlight of it all long with crisp editing. There are hardly any minuses when considered it as the 'commercial masala' aimed to satisfy the fans and similar audience. 

Insofar as the rest of the cast, Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, who has dubbed in his voice is another highlight while Shraddha shines in a short and hot role. However, it is Mayuri along with the child artiste who put up an impressive act. Go watch Shivanna in complete action with full marks to Ravi Verma.