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i love you movie review
I Love You

What is love? Does it only exist in books and fantasies or it is just another word. Well, to know more, director R Chandru, who has specialised in true love, has joined hands with the man who himself has a history of preaching love through his unique movies - Real Star Upendra. Abimanigala Chakravarthy Upendra plays his signature role in search of 'pure love in this one. 

Inspired by a series of bold and meaningful movies made by the director Upendra, Chandru has webbed a latest entertainment with a lovely message in the end. While it has all the right elements, from romance to realism and a bit of humour, Chandru has presented yet another sensibile take on love.

Like he maintained in the beginning of the movie that Upendra will be seen in a unique blend of characters from 'A and Upendra', the director has taken it to another level by adding his philosophy into it to make I Love You more meaningful.

Insofar as the story is concerned, film revolves around the central character - Santhosh (played by Upendra), a senior student in a college who lives life in his own practical ways until he encounters Dharmika (Rachitha Ram), who runs behind him seeking his help for her to complete her PhD thesis on 'love'. However, the movie runs in reverse direction with flashback scenes from college days keeps it going for the 'loving' audience. Do watch out for Rachitha Ram, as she delivers her best in the recent times. The much debated 'bold' song will answer the controversies for sure!

A decade later, Santhosh is now a married man and a successful businessman. While life goes normal, Dharmika enters in his life for the second time. Will the true love blossom in the end, is the real essence of this lovely film. Surprisingly, it is a film for every section of the audience. So, do take your entire family for a journey filled with pure love.