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This is side splitting and gives the best medicine - laughter. This has been possible for the presence of artistes like Ananthnag, Ramesh Aravind, Vishnuvardhan, Kashi and Umasri. All of them excel in their roles with ease and perfect time sense.
In two hours film you will laugh at least one hour. The other one hour it injects a serious matter in to the mind. Director Dinesh Baboo one of the stylish film director today holds a mirror to all those who have beautiful wife.
This is based on the need for individual thinking capacity and forming our own ideologies in life. The story is what actor Vishnuvardhan heard from his ancestors and told it to director Dinesh Baboo.
Ramachandra a creative art director in a company finds a beautiful and sensible wife Seetha. The people surrounding around him inject his mind with foul ideas. This leads him to suspect his wife. The expected tiff in the just married couple engulf into a break in the family. Ramachandra suspects his wife and appoints a