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night out review

Actor Rakesh Adiga of the fame of Josh who turned director with Night Out, has started off on a good note as he delivers a well made psychological drama filled with the right amount of humor.

Taglined as psychedelic journey, Rakesh, in a first of its kind experimental genre - comedy thriller embarks upon a different journey, revolving around two male protagonists, portrayed by Bharath and Akshay Pavar. While one is a college student another is an autorickshaw driver. 

They set on a journey filled with humor and excitement which eventually takes a serious note. Made in flashback pattern, it is loaded with full of surprising twists and turns based on the concessions made by the two best friends during a late night jolly ride. 

When the driver falls in love with a girl from the college, the real action in the drama starts to unfold. Eventually when the girl finds out the real identity of the driver, she gives him one last chance to prove his honesty. Then, a series of flashback scenes keeps it interesting for the audience.

The wittiness combined with a serious subject focused upon the emotional side of two friends, makes it a clear winner. Insofar as the performances are concerned, both the actors along with the Shruthi Goradia deliver justice to their characters. Find out if the auto rickshaw driver finally manages to wins the trust of his lover in this must watch unusual drama, which promises to both surprise and leave you light hearted in the end.