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Actor Rishi in Kavaludaari

After an impressive debut with 'Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu’, director Hemanth Rao returns with a brilliant suspense thriller which is set in the emergency period. This one makes it even more special as power star Puneeth Rajkumar makes his debut as producer through his PRK Production banner.


The tale revolves around when priceless jewelleries dating back to Vijayanagara dynasty is found during an archeological excavation in the late 70s. It goes missing and with it the officer and his wife and a ten year old daughter are found murdered. However, the case which was closed long back gains momentum when skeletons are found four decades later near the under-construction flyover project 


The protagonist Shyam, a traffic police sub-inspector portrayed by Rishi of Operation Alamelamma, is curious over the finding of skeletons and goes onto investigate the case on his own following which he stumbles upon several crucial information and people involved with it from the pasts. 


Combined with two different timeline -  emergency period and the present day, the plot comes with a gripping tale infused with curious case of murder mystery which leaves the audience spellbound in the end.


Along with Rishi, it is Anantnag who is a treat to watch on the screen as he plays the role of a former police officer. It was he who was probing the case before he left the department after losing his wife and daughter in a road mishap.


Continuing his good work, Hemanth has sketched a decent plot which makes it sensible with multiple characters sustaining the much needed element of curiosity.


Achyuth Kumar deserves another special mentioning for his natural performance. The background score is another reason why this whodunit tale makes is a different experience to watch.


Apart from suspense, Kavaludaari depicts the emotional side of human nature in various circumstances. Post Bell Bottom, Kavaludaari strikes as a perfect entertainer which comes with some great acting and wonderful making.


Chitraloka Rating - 4/5