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bazaar movie review

After Chamak, Suni returns with a simple but an effective tale which promises to fly high in Bazaar. Though webbed around the age-old subject - rowdyism and love, this one comes with some pretty wings for an entertaining act.

The talented Dhanveerrah Gowda, who makes his debut has worked hard as the dedication reflects through his performance on the big screen. It is about an orphan, who is stubborn by nature but good at heart. As a boy after saving the life of a rowdy played by Sharath Lohitashwa, he grows up being his right-hand man, and more like a son.

Thankfully it is not just about rowdies who go on a killing spree nor about the man in focus who is caught in action between his love and the rival gang. It's a good mix of varied commercial elements with pigeons in focus. 

Ever heard of the local sport of pigeon flying competition? If not, Bazaar throws good light on it and how the peace loving birds are part of an interesting competition, which is a major attraction in several cities across the country. Suni connects well the birds and the rest of the tale sandwiched between rowdyism and love. 

Shot mostly in real locations, Bazaar looks true to its script on the screen and the beautiful charm of Aditi Prabhudeva makes the audience fall in love with yet another brilliant act of hers. Sharath shines as usual in a prominent role. Sadhu Kokila too makes a short appearance and a popular number over ‘love failure’ makes it a complete paisa vasool package for movie lovers this weekend.