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Swartharathna Image
Swartharathna Image

With an unique title such as 'Swartharatna’, this is a tale of a self-centered person. But, what happens when such a personality sheds his selfish character for the one he loves, is the result of this almost two hours of entertainment mixed with humor and the much needed lessons for life.

Ashwin Kodange, who co-directed one of the most popular Kannada movie in the recent times, First Rank Raju, makes an honest effort as the director of this one in bringing the two most essential aspects of life - love and selflessness.

This ‘selfish gem’ revolves around the potagonists and two leading ladies. In the first half, the man falls in love with a girl, who unlike him, is a person with compassionate heart and someone who cares for others and finds happiness through her social services. The crisp and quirky dialogues adds some fun in the first half, as Adarsh Gunduraj who makes his debut as hero, tries to impress the girl played by Ishitha.

The selfish tale takes a twist when the selfless girl goes missing. This is when the protagonist starts changing his attitude towards life when he goes in search of her, and finds only her letters which literally puts him on the right path. 

As the search continues, the man encounters another girl played by Sneha Singh who falls in love with him. In between, the maker signifies another important aspect which is sacrifice, and to stay content with what life offers to one in the end.

A fun filled journey of selfish person to a selfless one makes it a worth watch.

Chitraloka Rating 3/5