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puta 109 review
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Dayal and his team is back after the sensational Aa Karala Ratri. The new film Puta 109 is an edge of the seat thriller with two main protagonists. The entertaining screenplay is a jugalbandi between a novelist and a police officer. 

A police officer arrives at the home of a novelist to clarify some points in the investigation of the death of the latter's wife. You are left in no doubt that the novelist is also a suspect and that is why the police officer has come searching for him. But as they talk you get to know many more layers to the story. 

There is not one but multiple suspects. During the course of this interview the police officer discards the suspicion one by one. But try as he may he is unable to pin the crime on the novelist. Who wins the duel forms the rest of this suspenseful investigative story. 

Dayal is clinching in his narrative while the dialogues by Naveen Krishna adds a good dimension to this story telling. In fact the entire narrative is driven by dialogues. Naveen Krishna's abilities as a dialogue write is in full swing. 

JK Karthik Jayaram and Naveen Krishna are the two main actors. Most of the film takes place inside a house. The cinematographer has put an extra effort to capture the minute moods of the characters. The background score with its strategic silence and genuine understanding of the requirement elevated the film by a few notches. 

Overall Puta 109 is both an entertaining film and an experimental achievement. A film that deserves to be appreciated for its commitment to experiments in Sandalwood.

Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5