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naduve antharavirali review
Naduve Antharaviralo Movie Review

Naduve Antaravirali is a practical love story. We usually see romance films that either stick to cinematic formula or end up giving an impossible but commercial climax. Director Raveen Kumaara however makes a very good debut with something really unusual. The film explores love from the angle of practicality. It does away with hyperbole and cinematic excesses. In the end the audience is left to decide for himself after watching a real life drama. With very good performances by all the main actors Naduve Antaravirali is no doubt one of the best films of 2018. 

The cast of the film includes Aishani Shetty, Prakyath Paramesh, Tulasi Shivamani, Chikkanna, Achyuth Kumar and others. The characters are very well defined. From the teenagers to their parents the director has clearly and cleverly put in their characterisations what people in that situation really do. It is not what happens in films but what happens in real life. All the actors have given their best performances. The acting by Tulasi Shivamani stands apart. You can say it is an award winning performance. 

The film is about teenage love and how it is seen in different perspectives. For the young in love, it is their world. There can be nothing wrong in it. For many parents teenage love is a dangerous distraction from life. Their reaction can vary from surprise to hysterical. Even the teenagers when they mature start seeing love differently. All these are smartly explored in a commercial format by the director. 

Apart from the story and narration the film is also aided by excellent cinematography and some melodious songs. The film is well under two hours long and has been edited to perfection. For the audience the film is an wholesome experience that leaves you asking for more. It ends at just the right spot. This film is a very commendable effort by a new director.