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ondalla eradalla movie review
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The director of Rama Rama Re and the producer of Hebbuli have come together to make a film and it has turned out to be very unique and worthwhile. Ondalla Eradalla has everything you expect from a commercial film like entertainment and time pass elements. But more than that this film is like a full length Malgudi Days come to life. 

Sameera is a young boy whose pet is a cow affectionately called Banu. The cow goes missing one day and everyone is looking for it. To the dismay of the family and friends Sameera also goes missing. Aa luck would have it a chain of events is set into motion with Sameera in the middle of everything. 

Is Sameera reunited with his cow? Does his family find Sameera? Will evil forces do Sameera harm? These are the questions the story tells answer to. 

The film can be understood at two levels. At the basic level it is a fun film for kids and the family. It is fully of funny incidents and situations and you cannot stop laughing once you start. At another level it has a deeper meaning. Be it a Muslim family treating a cow as part of their family or how different people despite their private intentions act humanely in times of need, the film showcases deeper human emotions. 

The director has managed to derive very good performance from all the actors. All of them play their part to perfection. Behind the screen there is excellent work by the camera department, background score and music as well as in the art and editing. The film is a perfect getaway for the entire family.