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Rachita ram, neenasam Satish in ayogya

Ninasam Sathish and director S Mahesh Kumar have delivered an amusing entertainer with Ayogya. This film is worth every paisa you pay for and more. It has the perfect mix of everything you want to see in a commercial entertainer. It is a comedy set in a village and with the focus tightly on the plot, Mahesh delivers one of the best entertainers of the year.


The film has a blend of a rivalry in a village and a romance story. It is so neatly entwined that you do not realise that you are watching a two-track film. The love track is about Siddegowda aka Siddu who is an 'ayogya' or a good-for-nothing villager whose only goal in life is to become a panchayat member. But without education, money or backing the only asset he has is ambition. Finding a bride for him is a tough task. And then he falls in love with a girl who is way above him in all status. How does he manage to win her?


The second plot is about the rivalry between Siddu and Bachche Gowda, the village strongman and panchayat member. The rivalry starts when Siddu as a young man sees his mother abused by the panchayat member. He vows that he will become a panchayat member. That becomes the aim of his life. Does he achieve this seemingly impossible thing? The two plots are mixed nicely by the director and both of them reach an entertaining climax.

There is very good performances by the actors. Ninasam Sathish as the hero is outstanding. It is a role made for him. He is at ease in the role. Rachita Ram is charming and manages to create a space for herself in the film. Each of the supporting cast is also important. Two important roles are that of Ravishankar as the main villain and that of Sundar Raj as a marriage broker. Sundar Raj has given a memorable performance. It is one of the best roles he has done in years.


The film is a perfect family entertainer with good songs, fights, visuals, comedy and drama. It is a film for the entire family and you will come out of it laughing and recalling all the good scenes. Do not miss this film. It is the perfect weekend getaway.

Chitraloka Review - 4/5