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loudspeaker review
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Shiva Tejas returns with his third film as director and this is one of the best films of this year. Loudspeaker is full of surprises and twists and turns that it will leave the audience wondering. It has a very special story the kind of which you have not seen ever before in Kannada films. 

The story is about three couple friends who meet for a get together. They decide to play a small game to keep themselves engaged. The suggestion is to switch on the loudspeaker of their mobile phones when they receive a call. They all agree to the game without realising how much this simple thing is going to change their lives. When the game starts it is funny. But soon each call becomes a dreaded call for those receiving it. 

Shiva Tejas has picked up a brilliant story for this film. Each character has a nerve whacking experience. Each one gets to expose their talents in a confined environment of a house. That is the speciality of the film. The story goes around the 

world even while staying in the same place. There are engaging dialogues and a background score that keeps the tempo moving. The cinematography takes the cake for managing to keep the focus. In this kind of films where the action takes place indoors and in a single location it is difficult to keep the audience from being distracted. But the camera work here is top class. 

The director's effort is also painstaking. Each dialogue has to have reactions from various characters. But it cannot look like a television soap. There has to be big screen dramatics. Tejas manages to do that. He shows he is an expert in human expressions by making the actors get the right reactions to each situation. 

Loudspeaker must be on your watch list for this weekend. Do not miss it because it is not the usual kind of film and you will thank the director for giving such a memorable experience.