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MMCH is an unusual film as it is a real commercial women centric film. Usually women-centric film means a parallel film but MMCH is an entertaining film where the protagonists are female. It has suspense, drama, action and sentiments in full force. Some of the best young female actors including Samyukta Hornad and Meghana Raj are part of the film with Ragini Dwivedi providing the firepower. 

The film starts with a murder investigation. A dead body fully decomposed is found in a garbage bin. Police are unable to identify it as it has rotted. Ragini, a super cop is called to find out the truth of the murder. The investigation part is beautifully narrated. It is like a thrilling ride with the cops stitching together one clue to the next and progressing in their case but always coming up short by a whisker. But Ragini, is a super cop who will not give up easily. What she finds out however turns out to be a very big surprise. The surprise is better seen on screen. 

From there the film takes a completely different turn. The flashback of the four girls who are studying together in a college and also stay in the same hostel is shown. It is not a simple story. They have a tough upbringing and are fighters. They do not bow down to eve teasing boys in college. At the same time, they are also playful and have the usual girlish crushes. The ending is something completely different seen in Kannada films. It has a stunning twist to the story. 

On the acting front, Ragini is in top form as a cop. It is a dream role for her. She is convincing as an investigator and awesome as a fighting force. Meghana Raj as a lover girl who is trying to get away from her boyfriend is sentimentally charming. Samyukta Hornad, Nakshatra and Prathama Prasad make up the gang of four. You have to see their antics on the screen to believe how entertaining it is. However the boys have a smaller role to play in this film. Both Yuvaraj and Raghu Bhat are crucial to the story but their on screen presence is much less than male stars in regular films. Overall MMCH is an entertaining watch that is different from the regular hero worshipping movies. 

 Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5