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aa karala ratri review
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The movie stars Karthik Jayaram, Anupama Gowda, Rangayana Raghu, Veena Sundar and a host of other prominent actors playing small yet important roles. 

For everyone that complains about the usual “masala” in movies, this is definitely a different genre and a brilliant one at that. 

If you’ve always thought movies come with a certain template or formula, this will definitely break that and give you a new perspective, and it’s very refreshing to see an engaging plot and interesting screenplay.

The movie starts off with some brilliant camera work by PKH Das, excellent cinematography. Most of the movie is shot at night, so the DOP has had a tough and critical role to play, but the state award winner has done an extraordinary job in the movie. 

Brilliant performances by Anupama Gowda, Rangayana Raghu and Veena Sundar. Such captivating performances are rare in today’s cinema. 

JK has done a very good job and him accepting such an interesting character itself is a testimony to his love for interesting scripts. Definitely hope he continues to choose roles that will bring out his skills. 

Anupama for a small screen actress has done such a wonderful job and play a very critical role in the movie, she has given a huge competition to stalwarts like Mr. Raghu and Mrs. Veena Sundar. Her timing, her sarcasm and her natural action were a treat to watch. Naveen Krishna’s dialogues specifically for Anupama were pure gold. 

The Music Director has done an extraordinary job. The Re-recording was wonderful. The music all through the movie had the thrilling and racy feel. The songs are great. The background score will keep ringing in your head. 

One would think that the editor must have had a task when such performances, editing such wonderful performances is quite a challenge but not for CrazyMindzz Sri. His long time association with Dayal itself is a proof of his excellent work. 

Coming to the Producer and Director Dayal Padmanabhan. His way of looking at a play and turning that into a feature film is commendable. He has done a wonderful job in terms of star cast, screen play, and Naveen Krishna’s dialogues are very colloquial yet quirky. His performance in a such role was so brilliant, excellent dialogue delivert.

A movie to be kept always in your library.

Chitraloka Rating 4/5