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6ne maili movie review
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A group of friends go on a trekking expedition. There is nothing suspicious as they encounter the usual type of people anyone travelling would expect. There is a funny conductor of the bus, a suspicious worker at a street food stall and all the usual suspects. But director Seeni keeps the suspense till the end. Though there is ample evidence of what the secret is, the audience are not able to piece it together as the suspense is maintained very nicely. 

The second half of the film is an investigation into the missing persons in a trekking. The film shows the real way in which police and investigating agencies go about their task. There is suspense about who is responsible for the missing trekkers. They are lost in a place without any mobile network also. The area was infested by naxalites and they could be behind it. There is also talk about dacoits in the area. So the suspense about what is really happening is well maintained. 

The film also shows the technology that is used by anti-naxal forces and how real investigation happens. There are many surprising elements that the director shows in the film which keeps the audience engaged. 

There is some good acting all around with the top three actors being Sanchari Vijay, RJ Nethra and RJ Sudesh. The supporting cast also gives its best. Technically the film has some good background score and editing. Beautiful locations in the Western Ghats are captured in the cinematography which adds to the visual appeal of 6ne Maili. What is a bit missing is some action. It would have added to the thrills in the film. 

Overall 6ne Maili is a suspense thriller that keeps tha audience engaged with its innovative techniques. The team has succeeded in giving a very good film that is different from the regular run of the mill films. The promise has been delivered. Watch the film for its thrills.