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saaguva dariyali review
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Anup Sa Ra Govindu starrer Saaguva Dariyalli is a unique film. It has a unique story and unusual presentation. Anup plays the role of Arjun, a do-gooder who is always ready to help his friends. On a picnic, with friends tragedy strikes. One of the friends drowns and the allegation for the death falls on Arjun. But why would Arjun kill his own friend? All circumstances point towards him. The film is about how Arjun manages to prove his innocence. 

The film has a very good screenplay. The characters are all introduced in various sections that adds momentum to the film. Sharath Lohitashava plays the negative role who tries to scuttle the life of Arjun. Devaraj plays a military officer who inspires his son from beyond. The basic story itself is very unique. Even the romance part is entwined with the main plot and is integral to it. It is not a stand-alone piece. 

Anup gives a very good performance. In the supporting cast, Devaraj and Sharath Lohitashva steal the show. Pavithra Gowda plays the female interest and she manages to come on her own. Overall there is a good show by the actors and the director manages to utilise their talent perfectly. 

On the technical front it is the music that grabs your attention. Nagu S has managed to give some impressive melodies. The songs are apt for the story. The director has also given a very good screenplay. The editing and cinematography have played their part in shaping up the film. 

The film is a coming of age film for Anup. He has managed to establish himself as a mature actor who can carry the film on his shoulders. It is not an easy task so early in his career but he shows he is a capable actor who can be convincing in any type of role. Among the rush of films, Saaguva Dariyalli stands apart and deserves appreciation.

Chitraloka Review 3.5/5