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dalapathi movie review
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Dalapathi is a love story between Ram (Nenapirali Prem) and Vaidehi (Kriti Kharabhanda). It is a match made in heaven. That is what Vaidhehi believes. All she wants from life is a dream match and the boy of her dreams. All her dreams come true and she find the perfect match in Ram. But suddenly the story takes a different turn. Is Ram really Ram or is he Ravana in disguise?

Prashanth Raj manages to come up with a surprising love story. It is not the routine mushy mushy candy eye love story that goes for romance. Dalapathi is quite different from your regular romance films. It is different form any romantic film of Nenapirali Prem. Prem has played romantic leads in dozens of films but this one takes it to a new level. 

The beginning of the film starts with a court case. But the details of it is not revealed and you are left wondering at the suspense. Then there is a beautiful love story. Prashant Raj is a master of conceiving lovely love episodes. This film is no exception. They are cute and cuddly and warms the heart. 

When the suspense is revealed, it shows that Prem has a big task on his hands to save not only the girl he loves but also her family. What is the connection between the two? That you have to watch the film to understand. 

Prem and Kriti make a lovely pair on screen. Kriti has a charming presence and steals your heart with her lively performance. Among the supporting cast Sharath Lohitashva as the villain is the pick of the lot. He manages to give the scares. Chikkanna provides the comic relief. The biggest support from behind the scenes is the music. The film has some hummable good tunes. The film also has good photography that is required for a romantic film. Dalapathi conquers your heart. It is a film for those who love romance and love. 

Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5