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Pooja Gandhi in dandupalya 3

III, part three of the film on the Dandupalya gang's crime is a terrifying account of the  ways and means they adopted to kill 80 people in five years. Director Srinivas Raju has made a film that will shock and scare people about how this gang was captured and brought to book. In the first film some of the incidents about the gang was shown. In the second part the story was about the gang's version that they were wrongly framed in the cases. In the third film the police version of the crimes and how the gang was put up before the court is shown. Even then it is a terrifying  account and is not for the weak-hearted. 


The film starts with the journalist Shruti exposing the police cooking up proof to frame the Dandupalya gang members (referred to as D gang in the film). The police officer played by Ravishankar then reveals the police side of the story to the journalist. He says that she has only written about two pages out of the 5,000 pages of investigation and that people know even little. So what is the reality. Is it what was  seen in the first film or what was revealed in the second film?


There is surprise in this script. The story takes a completely new turn. There is twists in every scene. If you have watched the first two parts you will be surprised at how reality can have many versions. In the end the director leves it to the audience to decide what is true and what may be false. He does not force anyone to his viewpoint. Truth has many layers and he explores them. That is why the film is a success. 


However there is much blood and crime in the film that may put off some audience. It is given an A certificate and therefore is not advisible for young audience. It will be too much for children to watch. Rightly the film is only for adults.




Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5