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satya harishchandra review
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Satya Harischandra which brings director Dayal Padmanabhan and actor Sharan together for the first time together is an action comedy film that is full of entertainment. The film also stars Sanchita Padukone, Bhavana, Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila and others. So you can imagine the comedy quotient it brings to the table. The film is about Satya Harischandra, who is named such because his father wants him to be a very honest person. But after seeing his father die due to a wrong reason, he decides to lie always. When he grows up he becomes a headache to the entire village because of his lies. The village headman (played by Sharat Lohitashva) decides to throw him out of the village. But he is given a last chance and if there is a new complaint against him within 30 days he will be thrown out. 

Can Satya Harischandra survive without telling a lie for one full month? It is not possible. But he comes up with various ideas to stop the village headman from taking action against him. But this time the lies he tells comes to haunt him. He has to to impossible things to survive one lie. The one lie he tells become a hundred lies and all of them come to haunt him. How Sharan's character manages to overcome all these difficulties and rises to the occassion forms the rest of the story. 

In the village the main characters are Sharan, Seeta, Sharat Lohitashva and Chikkanna. He is forced to go to Germany where the main characters are Sanchita, Bhavana Rao and Sadhu Kokila. When he returns to India, there is a twist. Trouble comes with him. There are dozens of twists and turns in the film. The comedy film also has action and adventure. There are killers on the loose. There is scheming relatives and unknown friends. It is a puzzle that Sharan has to solve to survive and help his friends and family. 

There is good music by Arjun Janya. He gives some melodious music. The old song Kuladalli Melyavudo has been remixed and it is a big hit in the film. The other songs are soothing. There is also very good camera work which is impressive. The climax shooting on a hill fort is awesome. The locations in Germany is also beautifully captured. Though much of the film takes place in the Virupakshi village, other places like Melukote and other countryside locations are also shown. 

There is very good acting by Sharan who carries the film on his shoulders. Sanchita as the girl under attack and Bhavana as the girl who is cheated are perfect in their roles. Chikkanna is impressive as ever. His timing is perfect and each of his dialogues brings laughter. Though Sadhu Kokila is missing for most of the second half, his character leaves a good mark on the film. 

Overall Satya Harischandra is an entertainer for the entire family that spreads laughter. It is the perfect film for Deepavali and a present you should give to your family. 

Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5