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Silicon City Review

Silicon City is a brave new film. It is special for many reasons. It can be clubbed with the new wave films that is appearing in Kannada in the last two years. It is a remake of the Tamil film Metro but the director has made sure that it connects with Bengaluru and the story has an universal appeal in an urban setting. 

The film starts with an unofficial interrogation where two persons have tied up a third. The film then goes into flashback. A family consisting of mother, father and two sons. A friend of the first son is just like a family member. They are from a middle class income group. The younger son wants to lead a good life and gets into a chain snatching gang. From there the film takes many curious twists and turns. Everybody's life is at risk. How the elder brother and his friend cope up with this menace forms the rest of the story.

Srinagar Kitty, Suraj Gowda and Chikkanna have give superb performances. The film appeals for taking a neo approach for narration. The BGM, cinematography and editing match the intent of the story and its narration technique.

The film is just over two hours long but packs in so much in it. It has all the elements for not only an entertaining but also a film with depth. All the characters come in shades of grey and you cannot call anyone good or bad. The images from the film continues to linger in the mind long after you have watched it. That is the beauty of this film. Enjoy your weekend with this good film.

Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5