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Yeleyaru Naavu Geleyaru is a well made film that caters to the children. Children's films are plenty but that which can be enjoyed in a theater by children are few. This is where this film is important. It is not only entertaining for kids but also has a good message that is added to the story. 

The film has a big cast of talented children who participated in Drama Juniors television reality show. They have come up with a brilliant performance. There are 10 junior stars like Achintya, Nihal, Abhishek, Amogh, Tushal, Puttaraju, Mahendra, Sooraj, Tejaswini and Mahiti. The film also has an experienced cast including Shankar Ashwath, Harini and Srikanth Heblikar. 

Vikram Soori, who mentored the children in the reality show is the director of the film. He has a good ability to tell a children's story that is appealing to both the children and their parents. 

The story is about a show for which the children are participating. One of them is found to have a medical problem which needs immediate treatment. How do these kids help their friend forms the rest of the story. It is a simple but yet powerful story. 

In their efforts to help their friend the children come acros various problems and very little help. Once they get a help they have to face another challenge. How the children solve these problems and save their friend is told in an interesting manner by the director. It is a perfect film for children. 

The film has music by Anoop Seelin who has composed some good tunes. The photography by Ashok Raman enhances the visual elements. If the entire family wants to go to a movie and if there are kids in the team, you know which movie to choose this time.

Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5