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Pataki is nonstop fun and entertainment at full speed. From the first scene to the last there is not a single scene where you will not laugh or find something to cheer about. This is a film made for entertaining audience to the fullest extent and that is what it does without batting an eyelid. 

The film starts with ACP Surya who is a very corrupt police officer taking bribes from everyone. Even when there is a murder he makes money from everyone involved. He gets himself transferred to Bengaluru and begins to make more money. This is not liked by DGP Agni and senior officers. But many other police officers who make money are happy with Surya. In this situation there is a conflict with a powerful politician who does not like police. But the police are unable to stop any of the crimes his son is making including rape and murder. 

There is a twist in the story when it is revealed that Surya has connection to both the DGP and the corrupt politician. Things change rapidly after that and it is a question of duty versus family for the DGP and the ACP. Though the story seems serious enough there is fun in every incident and scene. There is twist to every situation to make it entertaining. That is why the film is very different from the regular films.

The film also tackles issues about police and their problems but in a fun way. At some places the film takes liberty to show very dramatic and unusual things. But because the film has a fun narrative everything matches and it does not look like hyperbole. There are a few good songs in the film and good photography as well. Overall it is an eyecandy fun film.

Ganesh as Surya and Saikumar as Agni are superb in their roles. Sadhu Kokila as a transgender gives an amazing performance. Ranya manages to show talent in the limited scope that the role provides. The film is believable for the filmy reason. It is entertainment, entertainment, entertainment all the way. 

Chitraloka Rating 4/5