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P N Satya is one director who has a great knack for doing commercial films as well as films based on underworld. His previous films are a few examples for that and his latest film 'Bangalore Underworld' is one more added feather to his cap.

As the title itself suggests, the film tells the story of 'Bangalore Underworld'. Protagonist Maalik (Aditya) comes to Bangalore from Bellary and slowly rises from zero to hero in this world. Finally, he kills everybody and becomes the emperor of this underworld. Why does he do so, forms the crux of the film.

Though the film has some shades of earlier underworld flicks, the film can't be compared with those films. Satya really has once nice idea, which he has incorporated well. The film can't be compared to other films and stands apart from other underworld films. Such is the plot of the film, which can't be easily revealed.

Satya has some power packed performances by Aditya and others to back his script and narration. Aditya is very much in ease in this kind of roles and he has done a very good job all along. Payal has nothing much to do here. There are scores of artistes in the film and everybody has done their job well. One of the highlights of the film is however the background score by Anup Seelin. Good camerawork also backs the film.

After a long gap, a film worth watching about the underworld has been released. Don't miss this film.