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eradane sala review
dhananjay, sangeetha bhat in eradane sala

Eradane Sala is a heart warming romantic comedy with a large bit of sentiments. It is a neat entertainer and despite the few double meaning jokes is a wholesome film that caters to every kind of audience. The film has the stamp of director Guruprasad all over. A brilliant screenplay aided by soothing music, wonderful performance, especially by Lakshmi, a meaningful story and loads of gags makes Eradane Sala a must watch.

The story is simple enough. A mother and son live alone. A friend's daughter comes to live with them as she is poor to afford a paying guest accommodation. The mother fears that her son will fall in love with her. But the inevitable happens. How does the son manage his promise to his mother and the love he cannot give up forms the rest of the story. It is told in an entertaining manner with lively dialogues, lovely incidents and a barrage of minor characters. 

The film will no doubt break the jinx of Dhananjaya and he can expect to see himself in this superhit which the film is sure to become. Sangeetha Bhat who has shown tremendous abilities earlier deserves many more films. There is good performances by the three main characters. Lakshmi delivers a performance that can be given only by a very very talented and experienced actor. It is so mesmerizing to watch her on screen. She deserves a dozen awards for this role.

There are a dozen other small characters in the film including those played by Avinash and Kirik Keerthi. One of the heroes of the film is music director Anoop Seelin. His talent comes out to the fore once again. 

Guruprasad's jokes and dialogues are full of wit and pop wisdom. The photography is blinding and there is an attempt to make it look natural. The message of the film is something very special and all kudos to the team for making a very good impression with the film.