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madarangi krishna

Producer Ramu is known for his extravagant action films and he is back with one more. This time it is directed by SR Ramesh of the SR Brothers fame. Madarangi Krishna gets his biggest film to date as hero. However the film is not completely an action film. There is also a nice little love story that is entwined in it. New heroine Teju makes it to Sandalwood with this 

Krishna plays a bar cashier who falls in love with a neighboring girl. He beats up a local rowdy who harasses her. His fighting abilities are noted by a Mumbai gangster supplier who wants him to join a gang in Mumbai. But Krishna is not interested. But there comes a reason for him to do it even leaving behind the girl. What is that reason and what happens to his love? This is answered in the film in an engaging romantic action film. 

Krishna has acted like a seasoned pro. He is real hero material. New heroine Teju shows all signs of becoming a good actress for Sandalwood. The comedy in the film is provided by Kaddipudi Chandru, Kote Prabhakar and Bullet Prakash. There is some entertaining music by Sridhar Sambhram and good dialogues by Manu. 

If you enjoy the kind of action movies with chivalry you will like Mumbai. It is for the mass audience. The last one hour of the film is pakka mass.

Chitraloka Rating - 3/5