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Kirik Party is one of the best youthful stories that has come in Sandalwood. It is a campus love story which has lots of fun elements that students experience in college. There are so many things that is good in this film including music, dialogues, background score and cinematography. There is also very good performances from not only the main cast but also supporting actors. Overall it is a film that will enthral students and remind those who have already left college about their own college life. 

Almost the entire film happens in a college campus. There is a gang of boys who do what an average student does in college and the hostel. There is a very beautiful girl to whom everyone is attracted to. Rakshit Shetty plays Karna who is the head of this gang of boys. During the three years in college, all their lives and perspectives change, but their friendship stands the test of time. To know how, you have to watch this entertaining and inspiring film. 

The film also has dramatic elements but nothing is like a format. The film tends to be a bit slow in the second half but even throughout it tries to have a laid back feel to it. It is a deliberate attempt to slow down the tempo and let the feeling sink in. 

The music is one of the biggest contributor to the success of the film. All the songs in the film take the narration forward and tell the story. So you have to watch them to understand the continuity. The songs are interesting and enjoyable. The other enjoyable thing in the film is the dialogues. They are funny and witty and just like what college students speak. 

Kirik Party is a very good attempt by a young team including Rishab Shetty the director and Rakshit Shetty who has also written the story. The two heroines Rashmika Mandanna and Samyuktha Hegde have done a beautiful job with their roles. They are very promising prospects for Sandalwood. Ajaneesh Lokanath's music and dialogues by Abhijith Mahesh and Dhananjay Ranjan are commendable. 

Chitraloka Rating - 4/5