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deal raja movie image

Komal's new film Deal Raja is an entertaining film that focuses on comedy just like any other of his films. Here the story has a unique feel. It is about a person who is popular as 'Deal Raja' because he is always on the lookout for opportunities to make money in someone else's business. Now he is not poking his nose in others' business but turning hopeless situations into opportunities. In the meanwhile there is a romance he has to deal with and a challenge to his 'business.' No need to guess that he will win in the end, but how he manages to do that while giving entertainment to the audience is what the film is about.

Since it is a comedy film there are loads of comedy stars in the film which includes Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Pratap, Tabala Nani and Mitra. There is also a strong backing of senior supporting artistes including Jai Jagadish, Avinash, Suman Ranganath and Suchendra Prasad. Bhanushree is the heroine of the film. The music is by Abhiman Roy and the songs are made well and are very colourful and adds to the entertainment value of Deal Raja.

The first half of the film moves very fast and one incident after the other evokes laughter. In the second half the film slows down a bit but is aided by the good songs that give relief. Then there are three twists to the story one after the other that comes as a surprise. The comedy stars are also introduced in a row and there is something to look forward to in each scene.

Komal has done a wonderful job. In many of the dialogues, we can identify his punch contribution. Like in one dialogue he is asked how he gained so much legal knowledge. He answers that he managed it by watching the TV serial Mukta Mukta! That is so typical of Komal. Deal Raja is also a typical Komal film. If you like his comedy sense and timing, you will like this film also.

Chitraloka Rating 3/5

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