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vinay rajkumar,

This is the second film of Vinay Rajkumar after Siddartha. This is a completely different genre. Though it also has a romantic angle, basically Run Anthony is a suspense thriller. From the very first scene, the film keeps you on the edge with its suspense. Then the film turns into two romantic tracks and then becomes a chase movie with the lead actor running from the cops to prove his innocence. With every scene the film gains momentum and increases its speed and suspense quotient. It has unexpected twists and turns which cannot be predicted. 

Vinay has improved tremendously as an actor. There are two heroines in the film and they are integral to the story even though in action movies, actresses usually have little to do. In Run Anthony, it is different. The director has managed to create a space for female characters also. Devaraj is the special cop who is trying to crack the case and catch Anthony. Does he succeed? Is Anthony really a culprit? Who is the mastermind behind this strange situation he finds himself in? These things can be enjoyed on the screen. 

The music of the film is soothing. The photography is another good aspect of the film. With good acting and good technial work, Run Anthony will be among the new kind of films emerging out of Sandalwood. The film stands apart in its treatment of the subject and can be considered as one of the few films in the genre of full-length thrillers. 

Chitraloka Rating - 3/5