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vijay surya, mayuri

Nagathihalli Chandrashekar is back with a bang. His last film Breaking News was four years ago. Before that it was Nooru Janmaku in 2010. Both these films did not have the same impact as his earlier films. But with Ishtakamya, Meshtru is back in form. It can be safely said that Ishtakamya is his best film in years. Most of his films were not only commercial hits but also critically acclaimed and won state and national awards. Ishtakamya is triangle love story. It is the kind of genre that can be as commercial as it can get. But in Nagathihalli's hand, it becomes a sensitive exploration of deeper meaning of not just love but also life. 

The film entertains not only the senses with its beautiful scenes and music but also gives food for thought with its insighful dialogues and situations. The film starts with an accident. A doctor causes the accident and takes care of the injured girl. He also gets her a job in his own hospital. As can be predicted the two fall in love. There seems to be no impediment to their love except for a nagging brother of the girl. But there is a surprise in store as it is revealed that the doctor is already married. But why did he hide his marriage? Is he cheating the new girl? Now the two girls want the doctor as their husband. It is not a regular formula that Nagathihalli employs. From here he explores the human relationship like only he can. He has ample scope for this as the film is based on a novel and there are so many aspects he can explore. 

Vijay Suriya has made a good big screen debut. Another television star Mayuri has also come out tops in her second film. Kavya Shetty is another actress to look forward to in Sandalwood. The good acting by these three along with other seasoned actors like Rangayana Raghu, Mandya Ramesh, Chikkanna and others gives the film a solid standing. On the technical front, the cinematography by Ravi Kumar Sana is breathtaking. There are some wonderful locations. Most of the shooting is done outdoors which is pleasing to the eyes. Another star of the film is music director  Ajaneesh Loknath. He has given some excellent tunes which are soft on the ears and add value to the film. 

Overall Ishtakamya is an entertaining as well as stimulating film. The old Nagathihalli Chandrashekar is back and it makes you want to see the film.

Chitraloka RAting - 3.5/5