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vikram arya, nikitha thukral, Chikkanna in Tale Bachkolli Powder Hachkolli movie

The current trend in Sandalwood is of horror films and many horror films have been released off late. This week's release 'Tale Bachkolli Powder Hachkolli' comes as a fresh air with lot of entertainment ingredients tucked in it.

'Tale Bachkolli Powder Hachkolli' tells the story of two youths Jayasurya (Vikram Arya) and Indra (Chikkanna) who plans to commit suicide unable to face their personal problems. Somehow they are saved and given a job of Loan Recovery agents of a bank. They are given an assignment to recover a big loan from an underworld don. What all does the duo do to recover the loan from the don must be seen in theaters near you.

The title suggests that it is a comic film. However, 'TBPH' cannot be termed as a comedy film alone. The first half of the film is comic and the second half turns to be a serious with loads of sentiments. While the first half makes the people laugh, the second half surely turns the audience sentimental.

Vikram Arya makes his debut through this film and he has done a commendable job in his first film itself. Arya's acting and dancing skill are quite promising. Chikkanna does a good job. However, it is Shobharaj who does a wonderful job in acting. Bullet Prakash is wasted. Nikitha and Aman Grewal has nothing much to do. Vijayabharathi's songs are wonderfully picturised by cameraman Manu.

Chitraloka Rating - 3/5


'TBPH' is a good watch. Don't miss this one.