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Dhananjaya, Parul yadav

Director Pavan Wadeyar has scored another hit with Jessie. He has masterfully blended a love story into a horror story and made it an entertaining film to watch. The film takes the viewrs on a beautiful journey of love and then to the thrilling horror. The emotional play of the minds of the main characters adds drama to the story. Beautiful locations and more beautiful songs add charm to the film. Along with superb acting and with a steady narrative, Jessie is another must-watch film.


The film starts with Dr Nandini who starts work as a doctor. She is the most beautiful girl in Malgudi and therefore has many admirers. So many boys propose to her but she refuses. Finally, one charmer (Dhananjay as Jessie Gift) manages to win her heart. It seems her wait for the perfect match is found. But there is a surprising twist in the interval. It is not just a surprise in the plot but the entire genre of the film changes after that. 

In the second half there is more stuff and many more characters which add surprising elements. There is tragedy, horror and definitely drama. It is one of the best entertaining films in recent times. Dhananjay, Raghu Mukherjee and Parul Yadav have given wonderful performances. Parul Yadav as both the bubbly lover girl and then the scared woman is great. 

There are so many other good things in the film. Good cinematography, super songs and background music along with good acting makes Jessie a compulsive watch. Go for it.

chitraloka Rating 3.5/5