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This week's release 'Tarle Nanmaklu' marks the debut of yet other commercial director Rakesh who is a protege of director Prem. Raki sure knows how to make the audience glued to the seats and watch the film without any hinderance.

As the title itself suggests, 'Tarle Nanmaklu' is an out and out commercial film with lots of entertaining ingredients. The film tells the story of film buffs and their struggle in the film industry. Nagashekhar plays a wannabe actor, while Yatiraj Jaggesh is an assistant director in the film. The film shows what all they experience to make it big in the film industry.

'Tarle Nanmaklu' is a fun filled film. Though there are some double meaning dialogues, the audience enjoy a lot. There are some spicy scenes and songs and both the heroines including Shubha Poonja and Anjana Deshpande look glamourously in the film. They don't have much to do in the film except glamour and both have done their job very well. Though the story is not new, director Rakesh has written a good screenplay and the narration is brisk with no much dull moments in the film.

However, it is the heroes who shine in the film. Nagashekhar has done a wonderful job as an actor and Yatiraj Jaggesh is sure to continue the Jaggesh legacy in the industry with his different mannerisms and dialogue style. Srinagar Kitty plays a cameo in the film. Debfutante music director Suryavanshi gives two hummable songs.

'Tarle Nanmaklu' is a film for today's generation and watch it if you belong to it.

Chitraloka Rating 3/5