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Meghana raj, Vijaya RAGHAVENDRA

Films with village backdrop is becoming rare. Vamshoddaraka is a welcome change. It is a good comeback for Vijay Raghavendra and he excels in this film. The entire film is set in a real village and is a welcome visual change.

Vijay returns to his village after studying in the city for years. He is mesmerized and takes to farming. But he is caught in the pettiness of the people in his village. He has a very good heart and ends up donating anthing he can lay his hands on. But this leads to trouble within his family and close friends. There are also the villains who are out to ruin him. How Vijay overcomes these pettiness and the black mark they impose on his character forms the rest of the story.

There are so many veteran Kannada actors in the film. Good actors have been used for even the small roles and therefore the film has a rich cast and believable acting from everyone. Though the problems in the village are nothing extraordinary, the presentation makes for an engaging watch. However the film is too long for the story on hand. Many of the incidents could have been done away with.

Vamshoddaraka is a good film to watch for the acting and the nice presentation of village life. There is some good music and good dialogues to keep the audience hooked. Vijay Raghavendra and Meghana Raj excel in their roles and also make for a very good on-screen pair. If you want to watch a film out of the ordinary than the usual action and city-specific ones, go watch Vamshoddaraka. 

Chitraloka Rating - 3/5