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kendasampige movie review
Vikky, Manvitha Harish

Director Suri returns to his artistic best with Kendasampige. We see the realism of Duniya and Inti Niina Preetiya in this film. The leading pair in the film are newcomers and therefore have no baggage and Suri manages to mould them to his story in a brilliant display of narrative acumen. 

The film is a love story woven around a road film and thriller plot. It is an edge of the seat thriller and at the same time you get to see artistic touch to each scene. Even though it is a commercial film, you cannot but wonder how nicely Suri gives it a realistic touch. It is a simple story to begin with. The lovers are spotted by the girl's mother. She wants the boy out of her daughter's life and takes the help of a high ranking police officer. 

But the story takes a strange turn with the boy caught in multiple crimes. The boy and girl are on the run after that and it is a cat and mouse chase between them and the police. But there is another plot running parallel to this story. Both are woven so tight that audience do not realise there are two stories going on at the same time. It may not be an extraordinary story but the way it is narrated and shot, Kendasampige is one of the best films to come out of Sandalwood in years. 

Suri is ably supported by his technical team. Satya Hegde makes maximum use of drones to show aerial shots of various towns of Karnataka. Probably for the first time many of these locations are seen from such an angle. Visually the film looks like a Hollywood film, not a Kannada film. The background score and music in the songs are classic. Yograj Bhat and Jayant Kaikini's lyrics are pleasing and give the film great support. Editing is another aspect that keeps the pace of the film swift.

Overall Kendasampige is a brilliant package that Kannada audience should not miss.

Chitraloka Rating 4/5

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