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RX Suri is an overdose of action and bloodshed. The film was said to be a love story in the backdrop of rowdyism. But it is more. There is more action than expected and more of the longu-machchu incidents than love story. Most of what is a love story in RX Suri is confined to the first half. In the second half action overshadows it. In the end the film tries to give a message that those who indulge in rowdyism have their lives cut short. But till then there is glorification of it. The film will please fans of action films and Duniya Vijay. There is enough adrenaline pumping sequences in the film to keep the audience engaged throughout the two and half hours.

The film starts with a love story. The girl is in love with Suri, who though running a small business, seems to have a bad past. There are glimpses of his rowdyism and there are many people trying to eliminate him. He tries to keep the girl away from him knowing he is not a good match. But the girl continues to force him to love. In the interval there is a big twist with his own friends and gang members seemingly against him. No one knows if Suri is dead or alive or what happened to him. The second half opens again in the past and reveals what actually happened. Did Suri manage to quit rowdyism and get along with his love is the rest of the story.

There are terrific action scenes in the film. Vijay is at his best and gives a superb performance along with some great fight sequences. Akankaasha in her Kannada debut does a good job. Ravishankar as the antagonist Tiger is comical and terrifying at the same time. He is the perfect villain for the film. Apart from that Shobraj and Rajeev give good performances. There are dozens of other actors in the film and some of them are highlighted. The music is average but the background score is good. Editing gives the film an edge.

If you love action, this is the best film for you.

Chitraloka Rating 3/5


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