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Aatagara is a remarkable film that sets new standards for thriller films in Kannada. The film is nicely made and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. Thrillers are not new but this kind is new in Sandalwood. And KM Chaitanya has handled the story and script brilliantly. There is not a single dull moment in the film which takes off on a flight from the first second. The moment you see the tallest National Flag post in Bengaluru from a top angle (Military Memorial) you know you are in for something special. From the visuals to the story to the background score to the superb acting by all the actors, Aatagara is one of the best thrillers made in Kannada. 

The film has a television reality show as its backdrop. Ten players are selected; a doctor, a model, a school principal, a celebrity photographer, a doctor, a journalist, a chef, a wildlife enthusiast and strangely a drug smuggler. They have to survive on an island all by themselves for 30 days.

Things take a strange turn when the players begin to get killed one by one and there seems to be other people on the island which was supposed to be empty of people. Another strange turn is when the ten players realise the truth about the reality show when the connection to the outside world in the form a television gets restored. The film takes many curious turns before the mystery is solved. But till then it is a matter of life and death for these people on the island. Who wins the battle for live rather than the reality show is the rest of the story.

The film is complimented by some brilliant performances by the star cast. All the actors in the film get equal opportunity to better the others and each of them have done their best. It is hard to choose who is better but Anant Nag is definitely a class apart for the others. Anoop Seelin's music compliments the film big time. It creates curiousity and suspense by itself. Aatagara is a brilliant film that is sure to become a landmark in the career of Chiranjeevi Sarja. The others who make an impact in the film are Ravishankar, Prakash Belawadi, Meghana Raj and Anu Prabhakar. 

On the technical front three people stand out; Cinematographer Satya Hegde, composer Anoop Seelin and editor Haridoss KGF. Each of them make the film better. There is no doubt that apart from commercial success at the box office, the film is set to win its actors and technicians some awards too.

chitraloka rating 4/5