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The 25th film of any hero is not only a milestone in his career, but also the expectations of the people would be high. Naturally a lot of expectations were pinned on Ganesh starrer 'Buguri' and the film manages to reach the expectations of the viewers.

'Buguri' is the story of a youth called Krishna (Ganesh) who is very not only in active in sports, but also in studies. He falls for a girl called (Nandini) and tries to woo her. Slowly both of them fall in love and Krishna who is deeply in love with Nandini fails in his final year engineering. Krishna's dad who had pinned lot of hopes on his career dies due to heart attack hearing the news of his son's failure. Krishna undergoes lot of pain and humiliation and decides to make it big in the future. He sacrifices his love and both of them get separated.

Five years later, Krishna has everything he had urged for. His only longing is his love towards Nandini. He decides to meet her before marrying Ishanya (Erica Fernandes) whom he gets engaged to. Does Krishna manage to meet Nandini and marries her forms the rest of the film.

'Buguri' is a feel good film with lot of emotional elements. The first half of the film is a bit slow. With the start of the second half and Krishna trying to find Nandini, the film gets an emotional touch. The last twenty minutes is indeed the highlight of the film with the viewers feeling choked with some emotional scenes. M D Sridhar who is known for sentiment and family films wins the viewers with his gripping narration.

However, it is Ganesh who is the real hero of the film. Ganesh has two shades and he is superb in both the shades. Both the heroines have nothing much to do. Sadhu Kokila turns out to be a good supporting in this film. Srinagara Kitty is seen in a cameo and has nothing much to do.

Chitraloka Rating - 3/5

Micky J Meyer has composed few hummable songs and is good at re-recording too. Krishna Kumar is good in his work.


Totally a nice film to watch out at the weekend