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amulya, prem

Male is an unadulterated love story. It is a romantic film that does not care about too many characters. It is about two lovers and everything and everyone else are just frills. 

This is the debut of director Tejas from the camp of R Chandru. Chandru has written the script and produced the film. Male is very evidently a Chandru film with his style evident. The film belongs to the fresh wave of romantic films in Kannada on the lines of Simple Agond Love Story,  Bahaddur etc. These are no frills films that concentrate only on the specific characters. 

Male is a journey of two characters over the span of a few days. But in this is packed the entire spectrum of what young lovers do and experience in their first love affairs.

Male is romantic and fun. There is great chemistry between the heroine and hero. Prem and Amulya make for a treat and eye candy on the screen. Thejas has selected some superb locations to shoot and audience will feel delighted watching each scene is such beautiful locations.

Jessi Gift's songs and the wonderful camera work makes Male a must watch for the romantic audience. It is one of the better films of the year and something that should not be missed.

Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5