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Avantika, Nirup Bhandari Radhika

Rangi Taranga is a fresh film from a fresh team. It is a pleasing film that combines an excellent story will a neat narration. Beautiful locations, pleasing camera work, soothing songs and a gripping story makes it one of the best films of the year so far. The stress on local culture in the narration gives Rangi Taranga a personal identity. It starts as a supernatural thriller but post interval gets a completely new dimension and ends in a flourish. 

The film runs on two tracks initially. A filmmaker is searching for a novelist whose identity is not known. In the other, the writer and his wife are journeying to a village in Tulunadu to conduct a bhoota festival. The filmmaker who turns out to be a journalist follows them there. In the village however strange things start to happen and the writer's wife goes missing. There are reasons to believe that the writer's wife does not exist at all. But is it really the case? Does the village hide a sinister secret? The film provides lots of twists and turns and by the time it ends you have a complete entertainer which is also intelligently made and provides the satisfaction of watching a meaningful film. 

Director Anup Bhandari excels in both the script and the direction department. Though the film is a bit slow in the second half, it is covered up by good performances and detailed scenes. The camera work by the two cinematographers is top class and as the title suggests every frame is colourful and pleasing to the eyes. Nirup Bhandari, Avantika and Radhika play the main characters and come up with decent performances. But it is the veteran Saikumar who steals the show especially in the climax. The film has suspense, thrills, drama and even a little sentiment. Make time for this film. The time you spend will be good.