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Many films leave you with mixed emotions. Bombay Mitai tries to leave behind only sweet memories. Debutant director Chandramohan tries and is successful to a large extent. Though the suggestion of threes title is towards the girl in the lead role, the film has a good message about friendship. The biggest advantage of the film is its taut screenplay which restricts the film to just two hours. In a regular director's hands two fights and two more songs would have been added and the film pushed to its limits.

Bombay Mitai is a travel film in which much of the narrative is in movement. Good locations are chosen which makes it visually appealing.

Three friend are going for another friend's birthday and they take along a girl who wants to explore Karnataka. All three immediately fall in love with her leading to hilarious situations. But the film takes a serious turn at the interval and all the bonds of friendships are tested to the limits. Even then the film continues to have a undercurrent of humour in it.

Even though three are a limited number of characters in the film all off them are utilised to the maximum potential. The main characters are those of Chikkanna, Disha, Niranjan and Vikram. All four are given very good roles and they execute them perfectly. Except for the actor doing the role of the inspector all others give a professional performance. Bombay Mitai is one of the best new age movies in Kannada.