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Krishna Leela is a perfect combination of a love story and a  family drama. Director Shashank's latest creation is a tribute to the never-say-die attitude of people from the working class. The film showcases some of the most realistic characters created for films in recent times. The story is also a realistic potrayal of what can go wrong in a relationship and how a wrong relationship can happen.

Ajai Rao has also producer this film apart from acting in it. Television actress from the popular Ashwini Nakshatra serial, Mayuri, has made her film debut. It is a feel good film and for the most part it looks like Ajai Rao is the receiving end of life. He has all the problems of his family to solve. His entire life seems to revolve around work, and repaying debts. Enter Mayuri and there is something to look forward to in his life. The two spend all free time talking to each other on phone. But both don't realise what a big trouble it puts them into. Is it love between the two or  is Ajai cheated? That is how the drama unfolds.

The film is driven by an excellent script. It is one of those films where the screenplay dictates the terms. So the screen space is enjoyed equally by all characters. There are a dozen important characters and all of them are given the required prominence. 

The story progresses at a quick pace introducing nee characters on the go. The transformation from a family drama to a romance story is special. The film shows how a couple with some impossible differences overcome that with the help of some love.

Shashank has done a great job. Another good thing about the film are the dialogues. They are simple yet peppy. They bring a smile and evoke a laugh even in serious situations. The camerawork, music and choreography of songs are complimentary to the overall effort and makes Krishna Leela a good watch.

Chitraloka Rating 4/5