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The 75 years old Tallam N.Nanjunda Setty who got elected as President of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce unopposed is a multifaceted personality besides being one of the rich persons of Bangalore.

Just after a few days of taking over the position of President Tallam N.Najunda Setty spoke to Chitraloka at his office behind Sagar theatre in Bangalore.

Tallam N.Nanjunda Setty’s attention was driven to the ‘Apsara’ Kannada film shown in the theatre Tribhuvan. He agreed that such screening of sex film takes place when Operator of the film distributor joins together. We are taking strict action on such sex film screening informed Tallam N.Nanjunda Setty.

Ripe personality with loads of experience represents the exhibitor sector this time. Decades ago Tallam showed his guts when his Abhinay theatre was not granted the license. He told the licensing authority to put a bomb on the theatre or he would consume poison. He opened the bottle of poison and stood before Abhinay theatre the first Escalator theatre in India. Eventually Tallam won the battle.

We abridge one and half an hour interview.

It is the vital issue to make all exhibitors to take membership of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. There are about 1300 exhibitors but only 300 of them have become members.

To fill the empty coffers of KFCC is another daunting task. We have film chamber at a prime place and procuring funds is very important. We are thinking of constructing a complex on the lines of Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber and earn our own money. Already funds are coming to us. The Building finance committee is headed by Sa.Ra.Govindu. In one single day Rs.12 lakh was collected for the building.

There is no good coordination among the three sectors – Producers, distributors and exhibitors. I have to fill the gaps among them.

It is the bounded duty of the exhibitors to give proper facility to the viewers who come to the theatre. Other wise they are liable for action. In my regime I am trying to see that there will be no complaints from the theatres. I am forming a two-member committee and that would enlighten the need of better maintenance of the theatres all over Karnataka.

The relationship between KFCC and Karnataka Government would be very cordial. As for as strictures on remake films nothing has come out from the Government side.

On the non-kannada exhibitors cheating in the name of Kannada film screening I want a pukka document to take action.

The Kannada Film Producers Association headed by Basanthkumar Patil has become very strong. It has also taken the ‘Kendra Sandhana Samithi’ to its custody. I told him to join hands with Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce to do something concrete and good for the Kannada films.

An advisory committee would be formed. C.V.L.Sastry, Lakshman, A.R.Raju, K.V.Gupta are in the advisory board that is headed by K.C.N.Chandrasekhar.

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce would not differentiate between small and big films. So there will be trouble also in getting theatres for Kannada films.