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In the letter he says the Head office, Mumbai has issued strict guidelines for implementing film screening in DCP format. In order to comply with the provisions of Rule 21(2) of the Cinematography (certification) Rules 1983 and also to eliminate any chance of leakage, you are requested to instruct all producers to follow DCP format in Screening as well as the submission of CD for verification and to issue certificate.

Further it has been decided that hence forth applications for certification will be accepted only after production of the following documents.

1) Final footage certificate.

2) Certificate from studio regarding re-recording is complete for public exhibition from studio.

3) Certificate from Dolby company stating that Dolby/DTS/Digital sound is complete for public exhibition.

4) Certificate stating the DI and Digital work is complete in DCP file or any other kind of format where the work has been completed.

5) Final footage certificate after carrying out the censor cuts (for footage TCR count must start from 00.00 annd exactly indicate the length of the film after censor cuts)

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