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If everything had gone right, then the committee headed by Ravichandran and Shivarajakumar would have held a meeting and given the report regarding the hike of wages of Union workers on April 17. Now it seems the meeting has been postponed due to various reasons and the next date is not yet known.

Last month the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had set up a committee to revise the wages of Union workers. The committee had Ravichandran, Shivarajakumar, Ramu, Jayanna, Krishnegowda, Ashok and Ravindranath as its members. The committee was asked to submit a report on the 17th of April. With the formation of new committee, everyone had thought that the confusion in the revision of the wages of Union workers would come to an end and a solution will be arrived. 

But just a few days after the formation of the committee, the Chamber gave permission to the new union formed by Rajesh Bhramavar. This had irked the existing Union. Later it was considered permission to Rajesh Bhramavar was given long back itself and rate hike was not done and this issue was dropped.

Speaking to Chitraloka Krishnegowda told` till now we have not come to the conclusion. From the producers side we have given our opinion. Some of the things we have said is there should be no compulsary for Production Manager, Still Photographers, Vehicles and few others. We have also told we will not give Washing alloence, journey bata…. Etc. Ravichandran is calling all independent branches of Okkutta and is discussing with them. After having through meetings we needed more time to come for final rate reviwion. Even Ravichandran has said even if it take little more time lets do it in a proper way and all have agreed. Now Ravi sir is not in the country and we are waiting for him for further meeting date.