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For all practical reasons the land granted to the Kannada film industry to build a film city is lost now. Over 300 acres of land has gone back to the government. The High Court of Karnataka last recently ordered that the government will decide what to do with the land. This is because a case was filed by environmentalists that the land was wild grassland and no construction can take place.

The case was filed two years ago but the land was allotted 30 years ago. So not using it is the failure of Kannada film industry and no one else. The film city idea was accepted by the then chief minister of Karnataka Ramakrishna Hegde who helped the KFI shift from Madras to Bangalore in the 1980s. Shankar Nag was one of the early generators of the idea. Years later Ravichandran gave a grand proposal. But the infighting in the industry did not help matters. Some people were not happy that the industry shifted from Madras to Bangalore. Some others like Rajendra Singh Babu wanted Mysore to become the hub of the film industry. In the middle of all these opinions, the film city was never built. Now the court has given permission that if the government decides to build a film city in that land a case can be filed again.