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Dear Veeresh, Thank you very much for publishing about my novel being made into Dodmane Hudga, by reputed director Suri. At the same time, I would like to highlight few unique things about this venture.  

If we go down the memory lane, we come across many novels which were made into wonderful movies by Dr. Rajkumar. Huliya halina mevu, Mayura, Bangarada manushya and many more Raj Films were based on equally popular novels.

What we are trying here is a different . The storyline of Dodmane Hudga is suggested by Director Suri. He narrated a story to me and asked me to write a novel based on that. I immediately agreed as it was an exciting offer. It is a rare and first of its kind experiment in Indian Film Industry, according to my knowledge.

Let me explain the plan of action. I write a novel based on suri's storyline. I am free to create a world which is suitable for a novel. I will create a village, the characters, the friction and action part, a climax as a writer and Suri will be making a film based on that novel. At the same time, a storyline, is being TREATED and PRESENTED in two diffrent mediums of expression

In this process I retain my freedom as a Novelist and Suri has his freedom as a Director.

This is an interesting experience for me. One  subject - two mediums, two different approaches is certainly to explore our mastery in our fields. At the same time, it gives an opportunity for the interested students to compare both script and novel. I might write, say, 'and finally they deceided to part and their long standing love come to an end' . How to show it on screen is the Directors idea. What could explained in a sentence in a novel might need many shots and a four to five page explanation could be shown in a single shot. This 'media specific' nuances make this process really interesting.

I wanted to explain this to your readers for the simple reason that no one would have an impression that the film is based on my novel rather it is a co-process, craetive joint venture and curious experience for both of us.

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