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Pooja Gandhi says she has the memory loss syndrome like the hero of Ghajini. She even calls herself 'Lady Ghajini.' Her memory loss is related to her brief marriage proposal with Anand Gowda in 2012.

She was enaged to Anand Gowda, a businessman from Bangalore on 15th November, 2012. But a month later on 19th December, 2012, they broke up due to differences. The marriage never happened. Attempts at reconciliation never worked with both the families blaming each other.

In an interview to a Suvarna News Channel, Pooja was asked about her engagement and plans to marry Anand Gowda. But Pooja answered that she is a 'lady Ghajini' and does not remember anything about it. Incidentally, Ghajini is no the name of the hero who has short term memory loss in the film. It is the name of the villain whom he is searching for. Pooja, it seems has definitely put the past behind her and as she marches ahead with two unconventional films; Abhinetri and Thippaji Circle, she is rewriting her career. ‬

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