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"I wanted all my three sons to become doctors. They have become actors. This was the response of Dadasaheb Phalke award winning icon of Kannada cinema Dr.Rajkumar on the launch day of his third son Puneet Rajkumar’s ‘Appu’ at his residence in Sadashivanagar, Bangalore on Thursday morning.
Dr.Rajkumar who had tonsured his head at the seven hills Lord Venkateshwara Temple in Thirumala a few days ago was looking shining and extremely jovial to talk to the media persons.
Here are the excerpts:
How is your health condition?
The knee ailment still persists. When I stop applying medicine it pains. I said no for kneecap operation. I had seen how Vajpayeeji, the PM of India is suffering. I went to Mysore and got a different treatment. One thing is certain. I have now accustomed to this knee pain and living my life.
Is it the reason for not mounting ‘Bhakta Ambarisha’ film?
For a human being there would be hundreds of ambitions. It is not possible to fulfill everything. I want to appear in roles of Karna, Nrupathunga, Gauthama Buddha, Vivekananda in addition to Bhakta Ambarisha. But the time and almighty should permit.
What do you want to say about ‘Appu’ film in which Puneet is starring as hero?
I heard the story. It is pretty good. What I was able to get from my father as for as this art is concerned I am not able to give it for my sons. Puneet told me that he is afraid to appear before camera. I told him to remember his grandfather – my father and act. Why Puneet I am still nervous after four and half decades of facing the camera. This ‘Bhaya’ (fear) only can take us to ‘Bhakthi’ (devotion).
What is your opinion about the technology that is growing?
This won’t of help for an actor like me. For me the story should be perfect. I had seen ‘Lagaan’ for four times. It is so near to our heart. The youngsters should come forward to direct. Then there would be room for charming work.
Did you get relief when Veerappan used to apply peacock oil for your knee ailment?
He took me to all places by walk. I don’t remember what kind of oil he applied.